Better than new, because they’re yours

We build our boots to last, but after years of heavy use even the highest quality materials can wear out. Don’t worry — we have an entire team dedicated to recrafting well-worn Danner boots with new components here in Portland, OR. These craftspeople can often put your boots back together even better than new — because they’re yours.

If you’re located outside of the USA and are interested in purchasing a Recrafting Service, please contact us.

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Recrafting Services

Rebuild Service

Your boots, rebuilt from the ground up. Our Danner Recrafters carefully take your boots apart and rebuild them by hand with new components, using the machines they were originally built with.

Resole Service

A fresh set of soles is just the start. With this service, our Danner Recrafters also recondition the leather uppers, repair stitching and hardware, and finish your boots with a new pair of laces.

Recrafting Stories

  • Brent Brown Nuclear Industry

    I saved up a whole summer of mowing lawns to buy my first pair of Danner boots back when I was thirteen. I worked and hunted in them nearly every day for over a decade. I wasn’t sure if they were too far gone, but I didn’t want to throw them away because I had so much history with them. Recrafting is like buying a brand-new pair of boots that are already broken in. I was excited, thankful and proud to have them back.

  • Trevor Denham Law Enforcement & Military

    My Acadias have been with me through my whole Coast Guard career — I’ve had them for 18 years now. They remind me of the experiences I’ve had wearing them, and I want to pass them on to my kids. I was wondering how they’d come back looking, given that they were 18 years old, but they exceeded my expectations. They looked like brand new boots, but they fit and they’re comfortable. As long as I can keep wearing them, I will.

  • Daniel Hadley Coffee Shop Owner

    I’ve been wearing them pretty much every day for about six years. I’ll often be working eight to twelve hours on my feet, and working in Danner boots was life-changing for me. I was interested in Recrafting to save materials from the landfill, and the fact that they’re comfortable, well-worn boots that fit your foot. Knowing that someone who knows what they’re doing is giving time and attention to your boots is great.

  • Tim Jacobsen EMS Paramedic

    I’ve been wearing my Acadias since 2011. The idea that they were resoleable was a big plus for me. I think recrafting is like an art — part of me almost gets excited when they wear out, because I know I’m going to get a recrafted pair that are like-new. The recrafted boots are so nice, you just put them on and go to work. Don’t have to worry about blisters. They make me feel confident, comfortable, and safe in them.

woman hiking next to waterfall into misty canyon

Begin Your Recrafting Story

Every step adds to your story. Every scuff, every crease, etched over countless miles. These are not just boots. They’re your boots: a reflection of the journey you’ve taken, and the journey still to come. We offer Recraftable boots for hiking, work, lifestyle, hunting and more, as well as essential boot care products to keep your boots clean and conditioned.


  • Our Recrafting services are available for international customers. For all international customers, except those shipping back to Canada, we charge an additional $150 for return shipping. There is no charge for return shipping to Canada. All customers are responsible for shipping their boots to our Recrafting Department in Portland, OR, USA.

    Please contact us to inquire about Recrafting Services if you are outside of the USA.

    You may reach us by phone Mon-Fri 5am-5:30pm (PST) +1-877-432-6637

  • Danner Recrafting provides you with an option to extend the life of your boots and keep them out of the landfill. Recrafting results in a pair of boots that already fit the anatomy of your foot and stride but with brand new components.

  • Recraftable boots must be free of holes and other significant cracking to be eligible for a recrafting service. To ensure your boots qualify for years to come, maintain your boots with Danner boot care.

    The most important responsibility of owning high-quality Danner boots is leather care. The care products and steps for conditioning your boots depend on the type of leather they're built with; full-grain or suede/nubuck. Explore our care guides to learn how to keep the leather healthy so we can recraft your boots when the time comes.

    Full-Grain Leather Guide
    Suede & Nubuck Leather Guide

    Explore all of our Danner Care tips and articles to learn more.

  • There are three ways to see if your boots are a recraftable style:

    • Use our online assessment tool
    • Refer to the “Specifications” section on your boot’s product detail page
    • Contact us Mon-Fri 5am-5:30pm (PST) 877-432-6637

    Common styles include: Mountain 600 Leaf GTX, Mountain Light, Danner Light, Mountain Pass, Acadia, Bull Run, Danner Ridge, Elk Hunter, Marine Expeditionary Boot, Quarry USA, Rain Forest and Sierra.

  • 1. No excessive wearing of Welt Around Sole
    During the recrafting process, we remove the stitching around the perimeter of your boot. If there is not enough welt we will not be able to reattach a new sole.

    boot with welt and outsole worn off
    2. No Cracking at Welt Base
    During the recrafting process, we remove the stitching around the perimeter of your boot. If the leather shows cracking at the welt base, it is too weak and will not allow us to successfully reattach a new sole.

    boot with cracked leather at welt base
    3. No Deep Cracks at Flex Point
    During the recrafting process, a last (plastic foot mold) is inserted into your boot to restore and maintain the original shape. The pressure will increase the size of the crack and/or hole, leaving the boot unwearable.

    boot with cracked leather at toe flex point
    4. No Holes at Eyestay
    During the recrafting process, a last (plastic foot mold) is inserted into your boot to restore and maintain the original shape. The pressure will increase the size of the crack and/or hole, leaving the boot unwearable.

    boot with holes in leather near eyestays
  • Depending on your package choice, your boots may feel a little snug when you get them back. Over time, original liners wear down, and brand-new liners will initially feel thicker. Please allow up to two weeks of wear for your boot components to begin to relax and break in.

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to remove or replace a Safety Toe.

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to patch or replace leather on any of our boots. Also, we cannot replace Denier nylon side panels.

  • Boot insulation can be replaced but not augmented. The shell of the boot can only accommodate the original level of insulation value. Increasing or decreasing the insulation impacts the size and fit of the entire boot.

  • Mountain 600 Leaf GTX only qualifies for a Resole Service.

  • Danner Recrafting Department
    12021 NE Airport Way
    Portland, OR 97220

    Live nearby? You can also drop them off in-person.

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