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In 1936, Charles Danner moved to the Pacific Northwest to build the best boots loggers had ever known. As the industry grew, so did the need for more versatile footwear options. Nearly a century later, we’re still developing boots for tradesmen and women with the same dedication to craftsmanship as we did back then. The Steel Yard work boot blends our legendary durability with game-changing comfort and a variety of performance features to meet the demands of every job across the site.

Image of a worker using a CNC cutter to cut steel wearing a hardhat, safety glasses, a flannel shirt, worn brown pants, and brown leather work boots.

Unlock on-the-job comfort

When you're on the job, the last thing you need is aching feet, so we created the Steel Yard with comfort in mind. Our patented Danner® Comfort System cradles your feet with cushioning and support, while our thick polyurethane midsole rebounds energy with every step.

Close-up image of a person walking on the edge of a steel plate with a chain in view wearing worn brown pants and brown leather work boots with the Danner and Danner Dry waterproof liner logos showing.

Image of brown leather Steel Yard workboots resting on their sides atop steel plates.

Image of a worker crouching down welding wearing large leather gloves, leather chaps, and brown leather work boots.

The right boot for any job.

The Steel Yard offers something for everyone on any job site and in any environment. Choose from Danner® Dry Waterproofing or a breathable mesh liner to keep feet dry and comfortable. Select ASTM-certified metatarsal or toe protection if needed. Electrical hazard protection is part of the package in every Steel Yard boot. And when temperatures plummet, the Steel Yard is also available with Thinsulate insulation for extra warmth.

Image of a worker walking away from the camera on a jobsite with a building under construction in the background with a large chain over their shoulder wearing a yellow hardhat, a plaid flannel shirt, brown pants, and brown leather workboots.

Tough-as-nails durability

True to the Danner tradition, the Steel Yard is built to take a beating and still perform admirably. We start with a full-grain leather upper, add a goodyear welt, then stitch it to the outsole for maximum durability. An internal steel shank provides long-lasting support where you need it most.

Close-up image of a persons' feet sitting on metal stairs wearing worn gray pants and brown leather workboots.

Image of a worker in a large metal factory crouching down and welding a small steel plate onto a large sheet of steel wearing safety equipment, black pants, and brown leather work boots.

Image of the lower half of a worker walking on the wet floor of a factory wearing light gray pants and brown leather workboots.

Sure-footed security for every worksite

The Danner Steel Yard outsole keeps you steady on your feet, no matter what the terrain. Our oil- and slip-resistant rubber compound offers superb grip in every step while the 90-degree heel makes for easy work climbing ladders and stairs. Choose the wedge outsole option for a design that won't track debris and reduces pressure points underfoot for greater comfort.

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