Athletic Inspired, Duty Designed, Field Proven.

We’d heard the demand for a lightweight trainer, but we weren’t going to make one until it could meet the exacting standards at Danner. Getting it right was essential. The Tachyon is the output of research and patience to make a trainer boot that can hold up to the rigors of the field. With a wide range of versions available, whether waterproof, polishable toe, or hot weather specific, you can find the right Tachyon for the job at hand. Most importantly, you can be confident that even though it's inspired by shoes worn on the athletic field, it's built durable to hold up in whatever field your tactical athletics take you to.

Image of a pair of smooth black leather boots resting on rocks in bright light.

Full Rubber Outsoles, Ready for the Rigors of the Field.

Save the EVA for your tennis shoes. For a boot to truly hold up day after day in the field, it needs to be built with materials that are more durable. That's why we use a 100% rubber outsole for our Tachyon. With pentagonal lugs for maximum surface contact and superior grip, it'll hold up longer, provide better traction, all while keeping an athletic feel for comfort and mobility.

Close-up image of a person kneeling on the ground showing the hexagon tread pattern on the black outsole of their boot.

Image of a person kneeling down with a gun on their hip holster to grab their target wearing tan cargo pants and smooth black leather boots.

Image looking down as a person ties their smooth black leather boot.

Lace Up, Roll Out.

We know being able to move out quick means getting your boots on fast. The Tachyon uses special speed lacing hardware to allow for toe to top tightening with one swift tug. You’ll get a snug fit that hugs the foot, and you’ll get it quickly. Less time lacing up for more time getting the job done.

Image looking down as a person sits on their tailgate with their arm resting on a container of bullets wearing tan cargo pants and smooth black leather boots.

Built Durable Without the Bulk

Lightweight. It's one of the biggest draws towards a trainer-inspired boot. However, finding the balance between lightweight construction and durability can be a real challenge. We sought out 500 Denier Nylon to help solve this problem, as we know it to provide one of the lightest strength-to-weight ratios out there. Matched with strategically placed full-grain leather we’re able to build the Tachyon upper to be every bit as strong as it is lightweight. You’ll get the feel of a favorite athletic shoe with the strength you always grab your boots for.

Image of a person's feet standing in gravel wearing tan pants on smooth black leather boots.

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